Xiangshan park scenic area on the sina weibo issued a proclamation, mentioned in the announcement, becaus e the park road reconstruction, incense yamadera scenic spot on January 21st to April 30, stop running.   Image is derived from the network   The statement also said that in sweet yamadera closed in the scenic spot, visitors can still through the fragrant hill hotel before 18 mountain road tour.   Many people come to Beijing are inevitably going to xiangshan park visit us, the fragrant yamadera scenic area undoubtedly brought troubles to visitors after closing and opening, and in addition to yamadera, xiangshan park what place fun?   Image is derivedRead More →

IT’s home news on January 21 According to CCTV news, 42 points on 21 January 13, the long March 11 away six rocket blasted off at the jiuquan satellite launch center, success will be 4 satellite into orbit. Long march rocket 11 is by the China aerospace science and technology group co., LT D belongs to China academy of launch vehicle technology (one) space of the new type 4 class full of solid rocket, is China ‘s long march rockets family type 1 solid rocket.The rocket is mainly used for rapid mobile emergency satellite, meet emerg ency situations such as natural disasters, emergencies micro satelliteRead More →

  Broadcast variety “that girl my house” also have a period of time, this program is mainly to introduce female celebrities in life outside the lens, like the female l ife of host xin wu don’t go out for a long time will cause the great attention of the audience.   More recently, another guest also let the audience friends are very interested in, she is the Olympic champion he.Tramp oline Monday at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, won the trampoline gold medal for China, it is also the first Olympic t rampoline gold MEDALS in history, he was national trampoline princess.   In a recent broadcast of theRead More →

  The President of the United States said trump, the U.S. plans to deploy new land-based missile interceptor platform in Alaska .Trump, points out that these platforms will be based on the research and development of new technology, to fight off any incoming missiles.   The U.S. defense department released a missile defence review, 17 acc ording to the Russian satellite news agency reported, trump 17 in Washing ton, said: “in the report suggest that deployed in Alaska 20 new land-based missile interceptor platform.”   The ground-based interceptor (GBI).   In addition, also said trump, sell Allies that the U. S. missile defense system and related technology is oneRead More →

  Xinhua photo, generation of outside, on January 19, 2019 (outside a line) (8) a southern Thailand temple shootings killed at least two people on January 19, in souther   n Thailand narathiwat province shooting temple, people pay attention to the shooting.Thai media reported that southern Thailand narathiw at province at a temple in the evening of 18 shooting, killing at least two monks.Thailand’s prime minister, general p rayuth 19 ordered to track down the murderer, strengthen the southern border security.The xinhua news agency/method of new   Xinhua photo, generation of outside, on January 19, 2019 (outside a line) (5) a southern Thailand temple shootings killed atRead More →

  Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) plate before Friday fell by more than 7%.The Wall Street j ournal reported earlier, tesla will cut 7% of full-time staff, to reduce operating costs.   , tesla CEO Elon Musk, (Elon Musk) to employees, said the job cuts in order to reduce the Mode l 3 cost and promote efficiency.Model 3 is tesla collection models for the general public.   According to the Wall Street journal reported that musk said in a memo to staff “in the next few months, tesla will need to increase production of Model3 cutting at the same time, and make a number of improvements are manufacturing process.”   ”ImproveRead More →

  According to the Russian satellite network, 9 am local time on January 17, Lyon, France’s first university campus library roof and large explosion, fire burning smoke at the scene.   Net/Zhang Yiqing video production: observer   The school’s official twitter, said three people slightly injured, the building has been evacuated, now the fire is under control.   Local police said that the roof of the building is decorated, doubts explosion was due to put on the roof of a tank fire.   University of Lyon 1 (Claude Bernard University Lyon 1) i s one of the three public universities of Lyon, France, main research field is sci ence andRead More →

  Beijing time on January 17, CBA – center Han Dejun and northeast group photo of pan Yangtze river, the famous comic star was exposed, the netizen is this – the strongest “twin towers” death.   According to media reports, the underlying cause of the pan Yangtze river and Han Dejun, was recently, live out a video circulated on the Internet.In video, pan Yangtze river in liaoning province center Han Dejun number 55 shirt, and argue that their positi on on the pitch as well as Korea and center.After this set of video exposure, pan Yangtze river was netizen Han Dejun for “years old”.   Pan Yangtze riverRead More →

Recently, Gaode Map, in conjunction with the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Joint Laboratory of Future Transportation and Urban Computing, and Aliyun, joint ly released the “Report on the Analysis of China’s Major Urban Traffic in 2018″ (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”). According to the report, 2018 is the lowest peak travel delay index in the past four years, and n early 90% of urban congestion in China fell or remained unchanged compared with 2017. Beijing ranks first, Guangzhou ranks second and Shanghai ranks ei ghth in China’s list of city blockages. But even in the eighth placeRead More →

The day before yesterday, the Chinese Football Association published the “Confirmation Form of Full Payment of Coaches, Athletes and Staff Payments by Clubs in 2018” to pu blicize the salary bonuses of the past season. In this Confirmation Form, only Dalian of the top two teams in 2018 did not submit the Confirmation Form. The Dalian Overtaking Club held an emergency meeting yesterday afternoon, and the team in w inter training rushed back to Dalian from the training ground. At the meeting, Li Xiaoyong, chairman of Beyond, announced a news that everyone would not like to h ear. Dalian Beyond Football Team was disbanded andRead More →